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2014 Sponsors and Exhibitors

Website:  www.beyondcore.com

BeyondCore software automatically detects the key insights hidden in your data and presents it to you as a human analyst would. Recently, Sears chose BeyondCore because "In less than 5 minutes total, we were able to load up our uniquely structured data, analyze it with a single click, and see the results of the automated analysis. It would have taken us weeks or months to do a similar analysis using traditional approaches." (www.beyondcore.com/WhySearsChoseBeyondCore.pdf)

BeyondCore has been used by seventeen of the Fortune 100, selected a Gartner Cool Vendor, and featured in Harvard Business Review, The Economist and USA Today.

Website:  www.cloudera.com

Cloudera pioneered the business case for Hadoop with CDH, the world’s most comprehensive, tested and widely deployed distribution of Hadoop. Its Platform for Big Data, Cloudera Enterprise, empowers enterprises to Ask Bigger Questions™ and gain rich, actionable insights from all their data to derive real business value and competitive advantage. As the top contributor to the Apache open source community and leading educator of data professionals, with tens of thousands of nodes under management and hundreds of customers across diverse markets, Cloudera is the category leader that sets the standard for Hadoop in the enterprise.

Dell Software
Website:  www.dellsoftware.com

Dell Software helps customers unlock greater potential through the power of technology—delivering scalable, affordable and simple-to-use solutions that simplify IT and mitigate risk. The Dell Software portfolio addresses five key areas of customer needs: data center and cloud management, information management, mobile workforce management, security and data protection. This software, when combined with Dell hardware and services, drives unmatched efficiency and productivity to accelerate business results. www.dellsoftware.com.

Website:  www.esri.com

Esri inspires and enables people to positively impact their  future through a deeper, geographic understanding of the  changing world around them.

Governments, industry leaders, academics, and nongovernmental  organizations trust Esri to connect them with the analytic knowledge they need to make critical decisions. For more than 40 years, Esri has cultivated collaborative relationships with partners who share the commitment to solving earth’s most pressing challenges with geographic expertise and rational resolve. Today, Esri believes that geography is at the heart of a more resilient and sustainable future.

Website:  www.gspann.com/focus/business-intelligence.php

GSPANN is a California Bay Area based organization who partners with organizations to ensure their success in their Analytics initiatives. We live and breathe Data… Big Data. We can help you with building out your analytics strategy and a roadmap that delivers. Our experts have helped Fortune 1000 retailers in unlocking the value of their data. Our keen retail domain expertise uniquely positions us to help organizations leverage their information and help them maximize its potential for the OmniChannel and Global world. In a flat world, the right analytics can provide the acceleration and sustain the momentum.

Ironbridge Software
Website:  www.ibsw.com

Ironbridge Software provides analytical solutions with focused, actionable insights for optimal success.  Led by the creator of the first ever analytic solution for the CPG/Retail industry, Ironbridge continues to provide innovative solutions that offer unique insight, drive revenue and increase productivity.  All Ironbridge solutions are agile and scalable.  With NetLink© customers are able to connect all external and internal data sources while harmonizing and blending data to fit their specific needs. It’s data done different, for a competitive edge.

LatentView Analytics
Website:  www.latentview.com

LatentView Analytics is a predictive analytics firm and trusted partner to Fortune 500 companies, across verticals and geographies. Our data analysis and insights help clients make better decisions around marketing, risk and customer management. For a typical enterprise client, LatentView sets up dedicated offshore Analytics Centers of Excellence (CoE) that assists with targeted customer acquisitions, enhancing channel effectiveness, understanding customer segments, and in developing data-driven campaigns that use predictive models for identifying customers who are ripe for cross-sells, are at churn risk, and estimating customer life time value. In short, we help our clients weigh their risks against opportunities using analytics, big data and software. We blend our business knowledge, expertise in quantitative methods, and data management to provide a complete solution. Our experience spans across industries including BFSI, Technology, CPG and Retailing. LatentView Analytics is an Advanced Consulting Partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Website:  www.marketyze.com

MarketYze is an Israeli hi-tech company founded in 2011 by a group of executives with deep domain expertise in semantic site search and online price comparison. The company develops advanced pricing intelligence software that is provided as a service (SaaS) to the on-line and traditional retail industry.

Website:  www.microsoft.com/retail

Retailers and brands need to invest in significant digital transformation to secure their futures and create personal, seamless, and differentiated customer experiences. Systems must be agile and dynamic, empowering choice of cloud and on-premises solutions and utilizing world-class devices. Microsoft, together with our broad ecosystem of partners, offers platform solutions that empower retailers and brands to thrive in today’s competitive shopping environments by optimizing business operations for customer engagement, business insight, omni-channel, and enterprise devices.

Website:  www.orchestro.com

Orchestro powers demand execution for consumer-driven supply chains. Its adaptive analytics engine (Maestro™) makes sense of tens of thousands of real-time data feeds daily, across point-of-sale (POS), consumer sentiment and operational data. The world's largest brands trust Orchestro's cloud-native applications to transform their Big Data into better demand execution action plans; across product lines, promotions, retailers and channels. Please visit www.orchestro.com for more information.

RedPoint Global
Website:  www.redpoint.net/About/WhyWeAreDifferent.aspx

RedPoint Global is best known for delivering data-driven marketing solutions that accelerate customer engagement. The RedPoint Convergent Marketing Platform extracts customer data from wherever it’s located; delivers insights from customer behaviors, sentiments and preferences; and creates precisely the right interactions -- whenever and through whatever channel required -- all from a single platform. RedPoint also delivers world class data management and ETL applications for improving data quality across traditional relational and Hadoop 2.0 / YARN environments. For more information please visit www.redpoint.net or email contact.us@redpoint.net.

Website:  www.retailnext.net

RetailNext is the leader in Applied Big Data for brick-and-mortar retail, delivering real-time analytics that enable retailers and manufacturers to monitor, collect, analyze, and visualize in-store data. The patent-pending solution uses best-in-class video analytics, Wi-Fi detection, on-shelf sensors, and data from point-of-sale systems and other sources to automatically inform retailers about how people engage with their stores. The highly scalable RetailNext platform easily integrates with promotional calendars, staffing systems, and even weather services to analyze how internal and external factors impact customer shopping patterns – providing store operations executives with the ability to identify opportunities for growth, execute changes, and measure success.

Retail Solutions, Inc.
Website:  www.retailsolutions.com

Retail Solutions, is a global provider in the Big Data – predictive analytics world of CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods). Our innovation comes from the science and algorithms that underlie the cloud-based solutions that we offer our clients. We transform what consumers are buying everyday - and make it insightful and actionable for better decision making outcomes.

RSi works with customers to grow their revenues, improve margins, gain competitive advantage and strengthen strategic relationships with retail partners. With RSi in place, CPG companies and retailers can derive additional value from the data that is captured daily (point-of-sale, out-of-stock, forecasts, promos, pricing, etc.) to improve business processes, maximize revenue opportunities and enhance customer satisfaction.

Retail Solutions’ platform is trusted by more than 500 global Consumer Packaged Goods companies and across 80+ retailers.  Our top customers include Colgate-Palmolive, Kimberly-Clark, Kraft, Unilever, Bayer, ConAgra, Clorox, P&G, Danone and many more.

TIBCO Spotfire
Website:  www.spotfire.tibco.com

TIBCO Spotfire is the industry’s leading analytics and data discovery platform. It enables a broad range of analysis and data visualisation capabilities and supports a wide variety of user profiles. It’s an easy way to get started with building data interactive visualisations and dashboards and it can take you further than any other product in the market. With TIBCO Spotfire, dashboards and analytic apps are not only beautiful, but also tell the real story with predictive analytics buried smoothly under the hood. This enables business users to benefit from the power of smarter apps without the complexity of traditional methods.

Tiger Analytics
Website:  www.TigerAnalytics.com

Tiger Analytics is a boutique consulting firm that provides services  in the space of Advanced Analytics. We strive to create measurable  business value through applying innovative analytical approaches to  business problems. We specialize in Forecasting, Pricing, Retail  Analytics, Social Media, Marketing and E-Commerce Analytics. For more  information visit www.TigerAnalytics.com.

Website:  www.salesforce.com

Salesforce.com is the global leader in customer relationship management applications, including the Service Cloud, the #1 app for customer service and support. Providing amazing customer service in today’s era means engaging with your customers when and where they want to engage. The Service Cloud enables companies of all size to deliver amazing customer service across every channel and on any device

Website:  www.veracentra.com

Put Your Data to Work for Greater Customer Loyalty and Profits:
In today’s marketplace, the customer is in control. To understand and connect with your customers in meaningful ways – and create value for them and for your company – you need to harness the power locked in your data.

For more than 20 years, VeraCentra has empowered leading brands, such as Costco Wholesale, Clark’s Shoe Company, Jewelry TV and Sport Chalet, to leverage their data so marketing can perform its job with greater confidence and precision. Tap into your data to produce insights, loyalty and higher profitability per customer.

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